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We will address your problem with a root-cause approach.  Most patients seek our advice due to pain.  Pain is a symptom, but exact cause of pain has to be identified.  Many professions (Medicine, Physiotherapy, and other Specialists) tend to chase the symptom of pain.  For example, a Medical Doctor might give you pain medication.  The Physiotherapist may try to strengthen or get movement to an area in order to reduce your pain level.  The Pain Management Doctor may give you an injection to decrease your pain.  Sometimes these traditional methods work in simple cases.  In other cases, they simply do not, or they only work temporarily.  So what do you do if your pain keeps returning?


Let us also remember that there is not one profession that can fix every health condition.  So what do all of these professionals have in common?  The answer is that they are all chasing the symptom of pain, and not what is the cause of pain.  The end result, in many cases, is that you still do not feel much better and your condition keeps returning and gets worse.  At this time, you will start to feel hopeless and anxious about trying to find a solution to your problem.  You might think that you have to live with your condition forever since you have already tried many different remedies already.


Significant damage can be produced gradually over time if not corrected promptly.  Therapies that only focus on getting rid of pain are generally not the best.  Ideally, eliminating pain by correcting the biomechanics and the root-cause of the problem is the best.  We try and look at your whole condition to find exactly what correction will help you.  So what is the root cause of you pain or injury?  Can this pain mechanism be fixed?  When you come into the office, we can help you answer these basic questions.


We recommend having an appointment as soon as a problem arises. Getting earlier intervention, rather than later, usually offers the best outcome.


We also recommend annual check-ups as they are a great way to identify any problems early on which could develop into something more serious or become harder to manage.  We advocate a healthy lifestyle and give you the tools to keep yourself healthy.  If you have a long-term, chronic condition (such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, or chronic knee pain from cartilage degeneration) then it will be helpful to have periodic therapy sessions to reduce your symptoms and prevent further joint damage.  Both long and short term plans can be discussed during your consultation with our doctor*.


We listen to your injury goals and expectations to see how we can help you achieve them through our therapies and recommendations.  We will do our best to let you know if they are reasonable, realistic, and achievable.  In many cases, they are.  It is our goal to obtain your complete health history, perform a thorough analysis of your problem, and to give you an accurate diagnosis of your condition.  After, we will propose an appropriate recovery plan to help meet your health goals.  We will guide you through the whole recovery process.

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