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We provide compassionate and ethical care to the residents of Katong, East Coast, Marine Parade, and all Singapore, whether local or from overseas.  Our doctor is a qualified, Nationally Board Certified (United States) Doctor of Chiropractic that has graduated from an accredited Chiropractic University in the United States (Chicago).  We use the latest technology, and diagnostic and therapy methods available.


We do not sell treatment packages. We are a “real” clinic with a “real” doctor* as our Health Director. We are not a spa, or similar type of business. We are here to address common, complex, and serious problems that you are facing in your life.  Our goal is to explain the corrective plan to you so that you understand approximately how long it will take for you to recover or what might happen if you do not.  Since everyone’s body is different, recovery times will vary slightly.  Once you understand and commit to the corrective plan, then we would expect you to continue until you are 100% better, or have achieved your maximum medical improvement (MMI).  Once you are 100% better or have reached MMI, then you will be discharged from our care. You may continue some intermittent therapy sessions on an as-needed basis.  For example, many sports players routinely see us for multiple “tune-ups” during the season to prevent injuries and maximize their performance during competition.  It is best to neutralize any potential problems before they occur.


We do not sell or encourage maintenance packages.  This can be defined as basically signing up to an ongoing, never-ending therapy plan.  For example, you might have a mild postural problem in your upper back and neck (since you’re an office worker and you use a laptop all day).  The therapy for this condition can usually be corrected within a few weeks to one month, or less. A maintenance package might make you sign up for about 1 year (or more) for the same condition.  We feel that this is over-selling, unnecessary, and unethical.  In such cases, the doctor usually does not give you a timeframe on when you will get better, but instead just refers you to your package length, which in this example is one year.  In fact, the successful conclusion and discharge of some of the most common injures that patients see us for are usually within days or weeks.  They would only approach a year if your condition is very serious and/or chronic in nature.


We do not recommend or force patients to have x-rays (ionizing radiation) for every injury that they have.  There are many clinics that force every patient into taking unnecessary x-rays.  Ionizing radiation is accumulative over one’s lifetime and it is our practice to use x-ray and imaging when it is only clinically necessary.  Clinically necessary means that imaging is only to be ordered when it is truly necessary or when the result of such imaging outweighs the risk of not having it.  There are cases where it is imperative to get imaging before starting any therapy, but for a majority of injuries, this not the case.  We do not do routine x-rays, and especially for children (or anyone who is still growing, or is not skeletally mature).  In addition, imaging costs a significant amount of money, and it is best images only when required.  


Our goal is to provide the best solution to your problem with the highest quality and integrity of care.  We first look at your past medical history and then the history of your current problem.  Afterwards, we will physically examine the area that is bothering you and any related areas that may be contributing to your problem.  Note, that many doctors and specialists skip this step, that is, they never do an examination.  We will check these areas for any deficiencies or problems, and perform related specialized testing (e.g. orthopedic, neurological, or muscle testing) as needed to confirm your diagnosis.  If you require further testing, such as imaging or laboratory testing to confirm your diagnosis, then you will be recommended to schedule these appropriate tests at a later time. Afterwards, we will be able to give you a more accurate diagnosis of your problem and how to start to address it.


In general, 90% of the conditions that we treat are non-surgical and do not need medications.  In addition, most conditions do not need imaging or laboratory testing, since they can be correctly diagnosed and worked on in our  office.  Of course, whether or not you need additional tests to confirm your diagnosis depends on your health history, type of injury, and severity of your injury.  In many cases, imaging or other diagnostic testing only results in confirming your diagnosis, but in many cases the corrective action remains the same (whether any imaging is done or not).  

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