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Knee Pain Recovery


The Clinic for Singapore Knee Pain Recovery


Knee pain is one of the most common reasons why someone would seek a Chiropractic Physician diagnosis.  Knee pain and injuries are caused by a variety of reasons such as playing sports, accidents, arthritis, genetics, poor knee alignment, previous injuries and surgeries, and sometimes bone and joint infections that affect the knee joint itself.  Knee conditions are very common and our doctors* are able to diagnose and successfully correct many different kinds of knee conditions.


You should seek Chiropractic advice and consultation if:


Your knee pain interferes with your daily activities

Your knee pain limits you from playing sports at 100% performance

Pain medications are not improving your condition

Supplements have not reduced your knee pain (e.g. glucosamine)

You have knee pain and have not found a long term solution

You have been told that there is nothing that can be done about your knees

You simply want a second opinion

You need a consultation for pre and post-surgical knee surgery rehabilitation program



At the Singapore Bone and Joint Clinic, we will also examine some of the biomechanically-associated areas to the knee such as the:   pelvis, lower back, spine, hip, foot, and ankle.  In most cases we will examine both knees, and related joints for comparison with respect to symmetry and function.  Joints that lie above or below the knee joint can create problems in the knee joint if they are not working correctly and are not correctly coordinated with the knee joint.  We will examine your painful areas, range of motion, muscle strength, and flexibility in the knee joint and other related joints.


We will take into account your past medical history, injuries, and surgeries to form a proper diagnosis and corrective plan for you.  In some cases we will request for imaging (x-ray or MRI), but in many cases there is no need for imaging and we can start the helaing process immediately.


Read below for some of our Chiropractic methods that we use for working on knee pain.


Reduce Joint Inflammation


The most common reason that a person has joint pain is due to excessive joint inflammation.  For most joint pain cases:  INFLAMMATION IS THE CAUSE OF JOINT PAIN.  As doctors, it is our job to find out the reason for this inflammation.  There are many reasons for inflammation:  fracture, ligament sprain, muscle and tendon strain, infection in the joint, arthritis, and bone and joint cancer.  Once we understand why your knees are inflamed, then we can formulate a plan to reduce the inflammation.


Restoring Normal Joint Function


Our doctors restore normal joint function by using electrotherapy and soft tissue manipulation techniques to increase the range of motion of stiff joints and its associated tissues.  Strengthening and flexibility are the key to success for most knee problems.  They are only performed if your pain level has been reduced significantly.  In many cases, lack of flexibility is the reason why injuries happen in the first place (e.g. hamstrings are too short and forces the knee joint cartilage (meniscus) to degenerate and cause severe pain over time).   We demonstrate and show you the stretches that we would like you to do at home.  The amount of stretching that you have to do at home depends on your condition and how flexible (or not) you are already.


In some cases, muscles around the knee are deactivated and are “turned off”.  When this happens, there tends to be some instability in the knee joint and therefore, you are more likely to have a knee injury since the joint is not as strong and stable as it should be.  In these cases, we will work on activating and “turning on” these weak muscles by using proprioceptive (balancing) exercises and electrotherapy to strengthen your weak muscles.


These are just a few methods that we use to reduce pain in the knee and restore normal joint function.  If you are still having knee pain, are unsuccessful, or simply have reached a plateau in your current treatment, please call us so that we can help you.

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