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Welcome to the Singapore Bone and Joint Clinic!  We help patients find solutions to their nerve, muscle, and joint conditions by using a non-surgical and natural approach called Chiropractic.


The Chiropractic profession is over 120 years old.  It is one of the largest, standardized, natural healthcare systems in the world, and it is practiced in over 100 countries.  Chiropractic treatments and methods vary from clinic to clinic, mostly depending on the doctor’s skill, expertise, experience, and ethics.  Chiropractic treatment can overlap with other healthcare professions such as Orthopedics, Neurology, Osteopathy, and Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy).  Most Chiropractors are trained and certified in Physiotherapy, and in some countries, they are Board Certified through a standardized credentialing process.  Although some of the treatment methods and techniques are the similar, there are some key differences.


The founding core principle of Chiropractic is spinal (joint) manipulation called the "Chiropractic Adjustment", or simply the "adjustment".  It was theorized that when spinal segments, called vertebrae, were "misaligned" or not optimally aligned, it created "nerve interference".  Vertebrae are the individual bones which collectively make up the spine from the bottom of the skull to the top of the pelvis.  The vertebrae anatomy is cleverly designed to enclose and protect the spinal cord and the peripheral nerves as they exit each vertebra’s segment.  Peripheral nerves are those nerves that lie outside the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) which control organs, muscles, and joints.  An example of a peripheral nerve is the median nerve which goes through the through carpal tunnel in the wrist.  Compression of this nerve (due to a variety of reasons) is the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), which is a common condition in office workers and athletes where is there is numbness and pain in the hand.  As you can see, mechanical compression of a nerve (even very light pressure) can produce nerve pain, paresthesia (numbness - pins and needles), and muscle weakness in the body.

This nerve interference theory was thought to impair the nervous system by inhibiting nerve conduction to the rest of the body and its organs.  Without having proper nerve transmission, we could develop muscle weakness, joint stiffness, loss of balance and coordination, joint degeneration, and organ dysfunction.  It was a logical explanation at the time because even doctors and researchers back then knew that the nervous system controlled everything in the body.  Today, Chiropractic care restores and maintains the proper relationship between the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system (muscles and joints) by way of adjustments (joint manipulation).


Adjustments and manipulation are primarily used for pain control and to optimize the performance of the body, especially in sports.  They are also used to reset the brain and the nervous system to its optimal state.  Chiropractic adjustments and joint mobilization can be performed on most joints, and it is not limited just to the spine.  Examples of joints that are manipulated (adjusted) are the hand, wrist, spine, elbow, ankle, hip, and pelvis. These adjustments help the nervous system, joints, muscles, tendons, and the surrounding connective tissue to function at their peak performance.


Adjustments are primarily used to let joints experience motion that they would not normally be able to achieve on their own. That means that the joints can only move within their normal joint space range without the help of any external forces.  Technically speaking, adjustments move joints past the normal joint space and into the paraphysiological joint space.  The paraphysiological joint space is a space that lies just past the normal joint space.  The movement into the paraphysiological joint space is achieved when a skilled Chiropractor is able to generate enough force through the joint during the adjustment technique.  Many times the patient will hear or feel a "clicking" or "popping" sound during the adjustment procedure.  This sound is the release of nitrogen gas that has been built up within the joint over some time.  This sound during the adjustment is called a cavitation.  A cavitation is not a requirement for the Chiropractic adjustment to be beneficial or successful.  The cavitation is a sign that the joint has successfully moved into the paraphysiological joint space.  There are some Chiropractic adjustments and manipulation techniques that do not produce a cavitation (sound), but nevertheless they are effective and beneficial when performed properly.


A skilled Chiropractor knows how to safely manipulate the joints of the body in order to restore proper structure and function to the joints and nervous system.  The Chiropractic adjustment is very safe and effective in the hands of a skilled and qualified Chiropractor.  An astute Chiropractor will obtain a past medical history, and perform a physical examination before doing any adjustments, manipulation, or treatment.  Without a thorough patient history and examination, the risk of injury to the patient increases exponentially, and complications and undesirable outcomes may follow.  An intelligent Chiropractic doctor will be thorough in your evaluation and recommend the best treatment options for you. When you get your diagnosis and understand your problem, then you can be assured that any treatment recommendations, will be in your best interest.


As a Chiropractor, there are many tools and techniques that we can use to treat your specific condition.  Although, the adjustment is the primary tool for treatment, it is not the only one.  Many Chiropractors overuse the adjustment since it is quick and easy to do, but in many cases, adjustments alone may not fix your problem completely.  That is to say, if the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer than you will treat every problem as a nail.  Even if you encounter a screw, rivet, or bolt, you will just hit it with your hammer.  As crazy and ridiculous as this sounds, many doctors treat their patients this way.  Even in this simple example, most people know that for a screw you need a screwdriver, for a rivet you need a rivet gun, and for a bolt you need a wrench.  Still, many Chiropractors and doctors have a wide assortment of tools at their disposal, but they usually choose the one that is the easiest to use, regardless of what your condition is.  In other words, if the only treatment you have is the adjustment, then it will not be possible to solve many of the common problems that patients have with their musculoskeletal and nervous system.  Most healthcare problems require a variety of tools and techniques in order to be successfully resolved.  This is one of the main reasons why some patients fail treatment, even after many, many visits.


At the Singapore Bone and Joint Clinic, our Chiropractors know that it is extremely important to use the right tools at the right time in order for you to obtain the best treatment outcome.  Even knowing which tools to use is not good enough.  The Chiropractor must know when to employ these tools. Therefore, the sequence and timing is just as important, in order to fix your problem effectively and expeditiously.  Not every technique has to be used, as it is more important to use the right technique at the right time.


Our Chiropractors in Singapore are experts in treating Chiropractic and orthopedic problems that many people face every day.  Chiropractic works for both children and adults.  We also handle pregnant and elderly cases.  Our goal is to find the root cause of your problem and correct it as quickly as possible.  Identifying the root cause of your problem is crucial in order to prevent future occurrences.


At the Singapore Bone and Joint Clinic, we will locate any areas that need adjustments by evaluating your past medical history and completing a thorough examination.  These adjustments will only be performed if they will most likely benefit your condition and are safe to do so.  Our Chiropractic doctors will explain which areas need adjustments and which areas do not, and why.


We understand that when a person is in severe pain their logic and reasoning is not always the best. Patients who are in pain are typically very vulnerable.  For these patients, their only immediate goal is to reduce their pain level.  Therefore, we do not sell treatment packages, as we feel that they are unethical and prey upon those who are in pain.  They are also unnecessary in resolving many of the most common conditions, as more treatments do not necessarily correlate with better results.


We will guide you through the whole treatment process step-by-step.  We will do our best to solve your condition in the least amount of time. If you are looking for a Chiropractor in Singapore to help you with your injury, please give us a call.


You may be a little skeptical and have some apprehension about making an appointment with us, but these feelings are natural when making a decision that involves your health.  We encourage you to visit our clinic or call us so we can answer any questions that you might have.  This way you can find out more about us and find out if we can help you get better.

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